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The Catching Fire. Enter the Arena, Tribute! quiz

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This is a quiz about Suzanne Collins' book, , the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

There are many other quizzes about this book, so I've tried to make it more interesting by not picking straighforward and easy questions. Please rate this quiz when you are done, thanks a lot.

The book consists of 27 chapters and there's one question for each chapter. To make sure you remember where you are in the story, I sometimes intentionally include some extra information in the question.

I imagine it will be pretty difficult to get a 100% score, even if you just read the book only a couple of weeks ago. I doubt I will be able to get a decent score myself, in a couple of months time.

Then again, you are here for a challenge right?

Enter the arena, Tribute

After Katniss hunts and has checked the traps what does she do with her bow before she crosses the fence and returns home?


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