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The Mating Markers quiz/giveaway #1

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This quiz is both for fun and for a giveaway.
If you manage to get 11-13 of the 14 questions right you get a free color changing CUP/ or if you get 14 question right you can choose a homemade Mating Markers book sent to you. Shipping to any corner of the world. Eight cups available/2 books.
The cup is originally black and when it contains hot water in it the black changes to reveal all the covers of the books published in the decalogy of Mating Markers.
If you don't manage to get the 100% then just have fun!
If you get 100% on the quiz, send me a personal message, and make me your friend so I can see your score. (If you want to unfriend me after I get your score it is fine, too!) ^_^.

MM1 Q - Who does Darr go for advice about masturbation? And what is the answer he gets about why it is not used widely?Mating Markers - Book 1


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