The How much do you know about 'The Parchment'? quiz

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Test your knowledge of 'The Parchment! Which character are you?

Mentor Immortalis - 8~10 questions correct
Ah, Mentor Immortalis! You have the wisdom of a thousand years and are eternally bound in time and space... You are the all seeing, all knowing offspring of the Tree of Knowledge! I am humbled in your presence...

Queen of Hearts - 6~8 questions correct
Your Highness! Please accept my most inner apologies for disturbing your present karma...however you should know more about the book. As Ruler over the cards you are strong and determined, Your entrancing, porcelain beauty shines equally as much as your ruby-red gown. Please, don't lop off my head!

Forest Creature - 5 or less questions correct
So my dear 'Forest Creature' you reveal yourself! You have not really read the book have you? You appear timid and shy, but left to your own devices, you are mischievous and downright fun!

What pet did Ethan forget to feed at the beginning of the book?


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