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The Do You Have a Junk-Food Relationship or a Healthy Meal? quiz

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Bad relationships are pretty much the same as junk food. The difference between consuming actual junk food and indulging in emotional junk-food is that with food, at least you usually know what you're consuming isn't really good for you. With relationships it's not always as easy to tell it's not good for you until you've already digested a lot of it. If there is a guy or girl in your life—full-time, part-time, or just wishfully—this quiz will give you an overview of whether he or she is junk-food, a between-meal snack, or a healthy meal. Take the full quiz in Giving Up Junk-Food Relationships to learn more about your answers and uncover the nutritious quality of your relationship.

You’re making dinner for your guy, and you accidentally leave one of the side dishes in the oven a little too long. What does he do?


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