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The Guess the Moderator! quiz

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Well, here we are, Day One of the Anniversary bash and your first chance to win a prize!! I would like to say that the Moderators were very cooperative…yeah, I would like to say that. However, after much hemming and hawing, whining and complaining, we have a contest! So your choice of acceptable answers for each question is: Byron, Kaje or Sammy. There are to be NO additions to the acceptable answer list (John Goode we are talking to you!) and no giving answers to friends (K Mason we are talking to you!) 3 Winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 12th. Happy guessing everyone!

1. How old were you when you got your first kiss?

a. 16 years old
b. 10 minutes old
c. 6 years old


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5363998 created by Sammy Goode