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The Are you a Felicia, a Kiala, a Veronica, or a Bonnie Grrl? quiz

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This is a tongue-in-cheek "quiz" for fans of the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club. I love joining these ladies for their monthly hangouts. And I inevitably find myself making comparisons between these four ladies' dynamics, and the dynamics of my own friends during our book club meetings. That's what inspired this quiz, and I hope you have as much fun taking it as I did writing it!

***If you want a 100% score on this quiz, keep track of the letters that correspond with your answers, but click on the last answer for every question. If you don't care about your score & want others to be able to see your responses, answer at will!***

- Dawn Addonizio
(Author of Fantasy Romance & Maker of Sparkly Things :)

It’s a dark and stormy night. You are home alone. You hear a noise outside. You anxiously peer out your window and see…a raccoon staring back at you! What do you do?


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