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The New Testament has a great deal to teach about the topic of money. Many Biblical subjects stir up controversy, but few more so than a discussion of one's finances. This book is an extensive study of what the Scriptures say about monetary giving, particularly in the light of the New Covenant.

This book is an excellent resource for pastors, missionaries, or ministry leaders. Any follower of Jesus Christ will benefit from the Word of God expounded on in this book.

Three types of giving have been examined in these pages.

Law-led giving: as mandated by the Law of Moses;
Free-will giving: as you purpose in your heart;
Holy Spirit-led giving: as the Spirit of God leads you.

Most likely, you will learn New Testament concepts about your possessions that you may have never seen before.

What method of Biblical giving is correct for New Covenant believers?
To Tithe or Not To Tithe? That is the Question


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