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The Outlander Voyager— "book or TV series?" quiz

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This quiz is comprised of a series of statements that may be true of the book, the TV series, both the book and the TV series, or neither. Test your knowledge of the third book in the Outlander series to see if you can tell the difference between what you read and what you watched.

Note: All parts of a statement must be true in order for you to correctly select book, TV series or both. For example, the statement “James Fraser is a Scottish Terrier” while it is true that he is a Scot in both the book and the TV show, he is not a Scottie dog, so you would select “neither” as your answer.

After this first question, the answer choices will be A. Book, B. TV series, C. Both, and D. Neither. For this question, choose the first answer (A) to get it right. Got it?


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this quiz is about Voyager (Outlander, #3)
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