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The Riyria Challenge to win a free copy of Age of Myth (contest ended) quiz

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Books are in, so I'm closing the contest and drawing a winner. You can still take the quiz, of course, but doing so won't qualify you to win a free copy of Age of Myth. For those coming late to the party, let me explain a bit about what happened. I made a contest to win a copy of my latest book, Age of Myth. Each person got one entry into a drawing for each correct answer. So the person who had ten right is five times more likely to win than someone who only knows two answers. Even those who haven't read the books would be able to get a few right just by doing a bit of online research.

After taking the quiz people had to either leave a comment, or fill out a survey so I knew how to reach them. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure I'll do some more of this in the future, but for now....I have to tally everything up and pick a winner!

What does "Riyria" stand for?


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