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Should high school students (seniors) in an American Government course be required to read The Constitution of the United States of America?

Steven Northover Reading the Constitution alone is not sufficient. If we are to keep our Republic, every school child must be immersed in our founding history and documents. Begin, in the beginning.
What led to the rebellion? How was it organized?
Why did we prepare a declaration of independence?
What was its purpose then? What is its purpose today?
How did the rebellion go? Why did we win?
Why were the Articles of Confederation inadequate?
How were the problems resolved?
What compromises did the founders make? What tyrannical behaviors did the Constitution seek to avoid? What is the Constitution's purpose? How is it working out for us today?
Todd Scull Well, yes. But they really need to understand it and how interpretation by the judiciary enforces it.
B-Thugbones Yes, definitely. We did not in high school and I wish it was a part of our government class's curriculum.
Del Herman Of course. To understand America and the nature of her democracy, you have to understand the document that guides her values and her actions in the world. The Constitution is the single most important document in the history of our country because it created the parameters from which our democratic state functions today. Every American should not only read the Constitution, but know it by heart. Every American is entitled to know how their government functions, their rights and liberties as a citizen, and the concepts that America is founded upon. If American Government students don't understand these concepts, they will be ill-equipped to be part of the virtuous citizenry envisioned by the Founding Fathers and ill-equipped to even, at a base academic level, understand America as a subject. So yes. Absolutely.
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