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Okay so let me get this straight. Danny is a transgender superhero who finally turns into a girl, finding that its not what it cracked up to be, is dealing with father issues, AND has to fight great enemies while investigating a murder- WHILE saving the world? Can someone simplify that for me? I'm not sure if this is a Sci Fi, contemporary, or fantasy. And the description was a bit overwhelming.

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Nicky Kyle It is 100% classic Superhero Origin Story fare. Pick up pretty much any first issue of any comic book series and you're going to get a similar set-up (or check out the first movie of any MCU series). It's the way that Daniels takes that classic conceit and runs with it so perfectly that makes this story so good! If you're completely unfamiliar with the world of superhero comics you might not enjoy it very much (it shouldn't make a difference whether you've actually read them or whether you've just seen the movies or cartoons based on the comics) but if you're even a casual fan of the superhero genre, you should love it!
Spencer Koelle Short answer is Yes.
Long answer? It's a superhero story. Comic books have always had massive, multi-level worlds that combine advanced science, magic, and human drama. And yes, all of this stuff happens.
Ruthsic It is an urban fantasy. Like Marvel universe, but with a transgender superhero as the main character, and this is sort of like her origin story, if that makes sense.
Tobi Simple description: It's about a teenage trans girl struggling with the responsibility of super powers when no one treats her seriously because of her age and/or gender.

I wouldn't say she finds transitioning "is not what it's cracked up to be," just that she continues to face transphobia in a very realistic way. It doesn't read as too much, it reads as real. If you become a super hero, that doesn't make all your mundane problems go away. Everyday we all have to navigate multiple issues, problems, and responsibilities in our lives. Juggling friendships/relationships, family, work/school, etc. It actually strikes me as more realistic that the protagonist in this book has to do the same.
Douglas Beagley You just did a good job simplifying it. The book is super-hero fiction, which some people call "cape sci-fi"? You could think of it like the Marvel or DC universes, where there are android heroes but also masters of magic, almost always urban (modern era). It's a character-driven story, where the superhero or science fiction events exist in service of the main character's growth arc, sort of the way a romance novel might have a vampire battle but it all points back to the key relationships in the novel.
Donraj It's a story about a transgender girl who manages to magically transition after gaining superpowers and dealing with the fallout of getting what she wanted more than anything. It is a superhero story, but the superheroing is secondary to the gender stuff. It's a novel about being a superhero who is transgender, not a novel about the adventures of a superhero who is also transgender.
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