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Maureen Cross asked:

Why is everyone damn book compared to gone girl...that just instantly turns me off?

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Emily It is a very, very lame marketing strategy from a thoughtful reader's perspective. But likely draws in big bucks.
Kate Jordan This book is also NOTHING like Gone Girl. Ridiculous.
Daniel In this case, it is because this book's description is written to intentionally sound exactly like that book. They hope this will manipulate critics into comparing it and readers into reading it so that the book can sell more copies.

It's extra odd in this case, since the plot from this book was taken from Twin Peaks and repackaged to be a Gone Girl copy.
Lisa Mcbroom I was guilty comparing her to a teenage Amy... but to me it is a completely different. Yes Hattie is a sociopath but unlike Amy she begins to feel all her "roles " are suffocating her. I see she and Peter have in common she hides behind her "performances' he behind works of literature.
Lizette Corona It's a popular reference point many people would know and be able to draw inferences from. If anything were compared to something nobody had heard of, it would be a rather useless endeavor. Also, why would someone who didn't write the book comparing it to Gone Girl put you off reading that book? Unless you hated Gone Girl, then perhaps you'd dislike this as well, but if the simple overuse of Gone Girl as a reference puts you off, I feel as though your standards for choosing a book may need some reviewing.
debra Ummmm-because Gone Girl made a lot of money :-)
Nicole I thought it had a lot in common with Gone Girl. I thought about Gone Girl a lot as I read it, and this was without anyone telling me they are similar. Of course, they have many differences too, but I'll list the similarities below.


To me, this book was sort of Gone Girl but more young adult-themed and if the mistress was the sociopath and got murdered, not the wife.

In GG, a couple moves from a city to a more rural area because the husband's mom is sick. In this book, couple moves from a city to a more rural area because the wife's mom is sick. Both moves put strain on the marriage and cause resentment.

In both books, the husbands have an affair with a younger, leading the wife to (eventually) take drastic action.

In both books, the towns don't know the full story and understandably sympathize with the murdered party (when they thought Amy was murdered), not knowing each woman has a dark side. Both Amy and Hattie have manipulative, scheming tendencies, particularly toward the men in their lives. Both lead secret lives that ultimately surprise their families.

Both books have literature as themes, whether major or minor (in GG, Nick and Amy are both writers), and both books frequently compare city life to rural life.

Both books have multiple narrators and non-linear timelines.

There are probably other similarities I could go into, but these are the ones that mostly struck me.
Ken Feucht I just started it and it reminds me much more of the "13 Reasons Why" TV show.
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