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Marc Childs asked:

Why do people in reviews try to criticize his science when this is overall accepted as scientifically sound, even if its not a widely accepted theory?

Entheonaut The book, the Chemical Muse - ISBN: 0312352492, I think also answers your question. =)

The same happened with other brilliant and open-minded people, such as, Dr. Bob Melemede, Dr. Carl E. Ruck, etc.
John Lianoglou Taking a step back, what leads you to suggest that the stuff in this book "is overall scientifically sound", Marc?
Matt Buttacavoli I am an anthropologist and have read this book. It is not scientifically sound. It is not anthropologically sound. That is why it is criticized.
Nomis Win You don't understand how science works do you? Firstly, no this is not overall accepted as scientifically sound (I don't think you understand what that means). Narby never tests his hypothesis, never produces conclusions that can be replicated, and makes many unfalsifiable claims. How exactly is this scientifically sound?

Secondly, he also makes claims he is unqualified to make being his education is in anthropology and not biology or chemistry. He often claims things and cites a scientific paper that vaguely mentions his position.

Narby's Claim: DNA emitted light when we hallucinate.
Actual Scientific Paper: light emitted by DNA would be coherent (strong bold light).

Feel free to watch the companion documentary for further examples of this pseudo scientific nonsense. At one point he claims the shamans of the amazon found a cure for diabetes and when he sent this "cure" to a lab, those darn chemists couldn't figure out the "genius" of the shaman because they were analysing each chemical individually, or in his words "they were trying to find the magic bullet."

Hmmm it's rather odd that those chemists don't seem to understand what a chemical reaction is because studying reactants, individually, in an isolated environment, is completely useless if the product is what you're trying to determine is effective at doing a specific thing.

It's more likely that Narby doesn't understand how chemistry works, as his degree is in anthropology, couldn't understand what the chemists were trying to tell him, so he made up an explanation in order to not challenge his beliefs.
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