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A question from political ignorant foreigner: If the Republican Party endorses State power over Federal power, how can it also promote the power of the President? Is the President's power (executive) not considered Federal power (legislative) and being on the right means preferring States' legislative over Federal legislative? Or is it a Bush thing - the Republican Party promotes a Republican President's power?

Jake The republican party, has never in any realistic sense, been opposed to the expansion of federal power. There is a small libertarian wing who make this their key issue, but they are an esoteric obscure wing, who only serious presidential candidate (Goldwater) lost miserably. I assume you ask this due to the existence of this in the news. In my opinion Republicans have been more active in expanding executive power because it is the one of the two branches that they dominate in. Because Americans are worried about their pocket books and being taxed, Republicans have done quite well in recent history in congressional and presidential elections, but more so the presidential elections. As for the courts and the bureaucracy? The centrists and leftists dominate that. That's a huge swath of the government, and they, as Toobin identifies in this book, are scared.


Republicans are willing to limit democrats use of executive power but not their own. It is mere partisan politics.
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