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Matthew I am pretty sure that ¨All American Boys¨ is one of my favorite books that I have ever read. This book really made me think about how people think about others by their looks and how jumping to conclusions can lead to many bad things.
On page 21-23 it shows that Rashad, one of the main characters getting beat up by a police officer after getting accused for stealing on Friday afternoon. When other people around the fight were recording, the police officer was punching and kicking Rashad, the police officer also refers to Rashad as a “thug”. The police officer called him that because Rashad was black and his pants were sagging, giving the police officer the impression the Rashad was a thug. Another thing that made the police officer keep punching and kicking at Rashad was the fact that Rashad was moving around when the police officer was arresting him. The police officer thought that Rashad was trying to resist, but really he was just reacting to the pain. Afterwards, when
Rashad was at the hospital recovering from broken ribs and a broken nose, His dad asked him this question after he woke up,” Were your pants sagging?”. Rashad was startled by that question because he always wore sagging pants and his dad never said anything about it before. Everyone in Rashad’s neighborhood also knew that he was a good kid considering the fact that he is in ROTC. ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps which is for the pre-military. Since he was in this program, many people didn’t think that he would just change randomly and start stealing. Throughout the book, more and more people see the video of him getting beat up by the police officer that was recorded on that Friday afternoon. At the end of the book, where the people of Springfield started a march to the police department, they all started chanting,¨Springfield PD, we don't want brutality!¨. Eventually Rashad comes out of the hospital in the middle of this march and joins in.
Jumping to conclusions in real life can end up good or bad. I this book though, jumping to conclusions goes to a completely new level. Just because the police officer saw that Rashad’s pants were sagging and that he was black, he automatically assumed that Rashad was trying to steal the chips. In the book, while Rashad was picking up his chips, the woman behind him tripped and knocked him over while he was looking for his phone in his backpack. When he fell over he dropped the chips next to his backpack. When the police officer saw that Rashad’s backpack was open and that the chips were next to his backpack, the police officer thought that Rashad was trying to steal the chips. This relates to jumping to conclusions because the police officer did jump to conclusions when he started punching and kicking Rashad. I think that the police officer should have waited by the door and see if Rashad was going to pay or not. If Rashad did pay for the chips, the police officer would see him then just let him go out. If Rashad did just start trying to run out the door, the police officer would be there to stop him. “I reached into my pocket to grab the dollar I had designated to pay for those stupid chips. But before I could get my fingers on the money, the cop had me knotted in a submission hold…”, that is what Rashad was thinking when the cop first saw him and was heading towards him.
This book taught me very important lessons. I read this book because of my book club choice, but I don’t regret picking “All American Boys” because I ended up liking this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction and anyone who likes books who are written in the 1st person.
Lo Yes; it gives you a lot to think about.
Kumari de Silva yes, it's interesting
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