Rachel asked:

Ars the 5 stars from the authors friends/family etc? Because theres a huge difference between the 1 star reviews and the 5 star ones.

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Liberty India Rose Some people (including myself) find the perpetuation of the stereotype of "dark skinned savages" extremely offensive, especially at this moment in time when racism against minorities in western society is increasing. I disagree with Bitchin' Reads and I do not think that this is political correctness- I think encouraging the idea (even in literature) that light skinned people are more empathic or "human" than dark skinned people is extremely damaging to people's perceptions in real life however subconscious. This accusation has also been laid against carve the mark by Veronica Roth. I am reading that book at the moment (although already my fears are being confirmed) but I probably won't be reading this one. I'm more than happy to be proved wrong but at the moment this book is not for me.
Kathy Prendergast It's because most of the 1-star "reviews" are by people who haven't read the book.
Bitchin' Reads Rachel,

Honestly--and I want you to keep in mind I have not yet read The Continent but plan to do so regardless of the good or bad said about it--would disregard a lot of the reviews at this point. There has been a wave of individuals who have vehemently voiced their disgust, and just like with the recent election, strong emotions attract a lot of other people which ends in an even larger divide between those who support and oppose. So if you liked the book even a smidgen and want to encourage others to read it as well, you have to push a higher rating to try and counter all the haters, especially since this book has garnered so much negative attention already. Doesn't mean the positive reviews and ratings are a result of friends and family--an assumption that I have always disliked.

Like I said, I still plan to read the book to form my own opinion. There are a lot of people out their who are sensitive to certain topics, which I can understand with the politically correct culture that has taken root in the world. Just make sure to stay as unbiased as possible while reading other reviews, because everyone views certain situations differently and in varying degrees of positive and negative.

And for others reading this, please don't base your opinion on an opinion. One person disliking it does not guarantee that you will, and you might be missing out on a book you love. That is how I felt reading Ceremony in high school and Me Before You recently--both books I highly recommend and hold close to my heart. Books are meant to make you question your views and life, evoke roller coasters of emotions, have you continue to think on a story long after you have finished it--without conflict, there wouldn't be development. Not to mention, what is the use of a book without tension? Is everyone just going to have the same opinion and agree? No thank you--I will read an infant book if I want to be bored and be told what to think. My rule of thumb: Give a book an honest try by reading at least fifty pages.

I hope that helps a little. I realize that turned into a LONG rant, but I was very angry after reading many reviews all posted for this book. I look forward to the book and do hope you plan to give it a go with me.

Bitchin' Reads
Kyra Adding onto Kathy’s answer: a lot of the reviews are also outdated, many were given a copy of the book before it was released and it has been changed since and portrays less of the stereotypes being judged in the one star comments. While I can see where they are coming from it is true that many have not read the finished, updated copy for themselves. I recommend reading it for yourself and forming your own opinions.
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