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One thing. She mentions that no one eats poke weed. Everyone in the South eats pokeweed (poke salad, poke salat, poke greens) in spring. Yes, it's poisonous but you just boil it twice. It's one of the first wild greens available in any quantity. And there's a spring meal tradition of ham, eggs, and poke greens.

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Zen Anarchist and North Carolina hardly ever gets enough snow to make it impassable. We get snow, and with luck, it shuts things down for a week...every 5 or so years.
Diana Perhaps she wanted to discourage fans from trying pokeweed which is toxic except for the early leaves and even then should be cooked in at least two changes of water.
Briel Young pokeweed shoots, which contain very low levels of toxins, were used as food by Native Americans and others. In the Southeastern United States, some people still cook and eat “poke sallet.” It is thoroughly boiled in water that is changed twice during cooking. Native Americans also used pokeweed in herbal remedies as a heart stimulant and to treat cancer, rheumatism, itching, and syphilis. The pokeweed root was also used as a laxative and to induce vomiting. European settlers adopted the use of pokeweed, which went on to become a common folk medicine. from
Patricia Some may eat it now - perhaps at the time this was written to describe no one ate it as it was thought to be poisonous?
Rita If you haven't eaten poke, you're missing something wonderful. Poke greens with cornbread. It just forms get more southern than that.
Tracey I am from the south and have liven down here my whole life too. I have not eaten poke weeds either!! I have heard of poke salad before. I can also say it is definitely not something available in grocery stores either. I have never seen them. So they are not common that's for sure
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