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This books obviously tackling alot of hard but importent issues and topics would you let your teen read this ?!

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amaya I actually was just given this to read -from- my step-son, aged 14. He thought it was a great book and felt I'd agree - and I do. I think it's even more important for younger readers, as it concerns such a volatile and ever-changing period in one's life - and the lessons contained therein might stick a bit better if learnt earlier on.

Too many adults are completely set in their ways, and I'm seeing a lot of gun fans trying to deflect the more important points of this book solely to protect their own interests and/or convictions.

It needs to be read with an open mind and discerning eye. Teens are at that critical point of trying to seek and establish who they are whilst still being open enough to question and adapt.

If you haven't given it a go by now, add one more tally to the 'yes' column. ;)
Denorsia Im 19 i read this book when i was 16 it just one of those books that opens your mind that everything isnt how it was when you were a kid it's an eye opener and it hits on a lot of important subjects .

i don't agree with Michael or Ally you shouldn't censor anything from a your child especially a teen this hits on a vermy important issue in todays society
Cindy Yes. I don't believe in censoring what a kid reads. If they want to read it, let them read it. Also, it should be political. Gun violence is a problem that doesn't exist in other countries. The United States would do well to take a cue from other countries in order to stop the killing of our children.
Michael Burhans No, but not because of the subject matter, there are excellent books on the same subject I have recommended to my teens. I'd tell them to pass on this because it is poor quality. An anti-gun screed written for a political objective, not a good story. Read HATE LIST, THE QUAD, 19 MINUTES or one of the other excellent books on the same subject matter instead.
Courtney As a teen I read this book and really enjoyed it. I think you're really underestimating what teenagers can handle.
Kaye Teens should read whatever book interests them. I don't think that they should be censored. That being said they should skip this book. I love several of Mr. Strasser's books but this one was a huge disappointment. It was poorly written, not interesting, and the format became tedious to read at times. There were several times he described the use of semiautomatics and I found the description misleading or inaccurate. If you are going to write about this type of subject then correct terminology is a must. I was left wondering if he actually knew the difference between a semiauto and and automatic.
Alexandra Carpenter I agree with Michael that it seemed unnecessarily political. It mirrored Columbine pretty well, but not well enough to be educational. I own all 3 of the books he mentioned but unfortunately have not read them as of yet. But when it comes to books on school violence, at least do not start with this one.
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