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I liked this book, but I was wondering that when we are suffering beside our soul, our body also suffer. So how we can justify this?? soul's suffering can be justify by our past experience, but our body and our mind is only experience one life, then why this body must suffer? I wished this book could answer this question. anyway I enjoyed that, as I always believed in reincarnation.

swati garg Quite a late reply but i just stumbled upon this book today and hence your Q. This is basically from my personal experience being a soul healer that i am!

There is always a belief that the energies our soul carry manifests in real life, physical world. Our body even being external reacts to the energies within, the energies arising from the beliefs the soul carry. from my personal example, there are times when my leg starts paining and this is due to resistance in my energy to release a certain past block which translates to pain. At the other end, a soul could carry a belief of a certain part related to their body. Again to my personal experience, i have massive throat issues which is related to my beliefs around my voice which currently i am working on. I don't know how much this has helped you but i would just like to say our body also give us messages about things within us.
Henry Le Nav I haven't read the book, so my answer will not be in context with the book. My feeling is that the body, mind, and Soul, while incarnate, are something of a triune similar to the Christian concept of the Trinity. They are separate yet one while the Soul is incarnate. The body and the mind are the province for the Soul to operate in 4 dimensional space. If the Soul is suffering it would almost seem to be required that the suffering would also take place in the mind and perhaps the body as well. I am not sure how the Soul could suffer during physical life without a mental or physical disturbance.

In my opinion the body and the mind although fresh to the current life, are the incarnate form of the Soul, that is the earthly material and energy form of the Soul, ergo any suffering from the Soul must take place within the body or mind. I rather imagine that all suffering in some manner is in service to the Soul. Our bodies and minds serve at the pleasure of the Soul so to speak.

An extremely poor analogy is that if you are a bad driver, getting a new car will not make you a good driver.
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