Jedlawgun asked:

Where can u read it for free????????????? :(

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Christina you could try the library
Darbelimatkap It is not kind having this conversation in here.Show some respect to author's work please.
Triada try
Skye I too want to read it for free. I am a fan of percy Jackson
Rory Oreilly The library, or you can buy it on Amazon or Kindle
Kamron You could go to hoopla.
Fairy Go to the Library
Robert I have no idea ?!?!?!?
Dian McCray Just try the library
Sarah Miller Cabin 6 on youtube has it on audiobook
Elizabeth L. There is a pdf of it online. Just google Percy jackson book (number) and it should pop up a complete version. It should have more than 100 pages.
Zack King try CDHfilms it does percy jackson for free but in lego form and its really good Link:
Zoe Jackson Libraries, PDF.
BookWorm Libby is an online library that I use, it's really great.
Noah Byrne Try an online library, you do have to wait if it's already checked out though but you can read it on a device as long as you have a library card.
Toral Pls don't ask these kind of questions they hurt when you are a dedicated fan. You can get it on Amazon for pretty cheap or at least in my Country's currency.
Didi Dwidar I read it on Hoopla.
Bob Mcaffery go to the library
Lewis try man
Tesnae Measlse You can search a PDF for this book, but the summary on the back of the hardcover of this book may not be available.. I hope this answered your question, and I didn't answer too late. :)
Lauren Lanz The audiobook is on youtube so you could listen to all of Rick Riordan books for free there.
Hanlie Wessels Library dude. Once you have a library card you can install the library app Overdrive and you can get the ebook or the audiobook from the library and read/ listen to it on your phone/ tablet/ e-reader.

You can get the whole Percy Jackson series as a boxed set for like $20.
Kady in this website called 1novels?
Megan Gable You could probably find it for free on the robin reads app or and if it's not free it's for 0.99¢
Sargam Mishra Online, at
Liberty definetly try it in the libarary thats were I first picked up the books
Jersey i cant read it for free . . how can i read it for free ? i really want it
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