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Why is this book not listed under the original ENGLISH title?

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Anneke Actually, you can find the original English title "Rivers of London" if you copy the ISBN No. (which is 0575097566 BTW) into the search box.

Same if you prefer the much nicer English cover of book 2, "Moon over Soho" (ISBN 0575097604).
Tria FWIW the author himself has asked this question and is rather annoyed by its having been listed as 'Midnight Riot' when that wasn't the original title in the country of first publication!
Asteropê On Goodreads you mean?
I asked this question of some Harlequin romances that were listed for some reason, in Indonesian as the default, which perplexed me (as they're US/UK published and written books). I was told that the book/version/translation with the most adds/reviews becomes the book's default on GR. So in the Harlequin romance case, more people added and reviewed the Indonesian version than the English, thereby making it the GR default. I'm going to assume that the same is for this book, the US titled book, not the original titled one has more adds to shelves and reviews and so it shows up as the main version. This is something that can happen with all books on GRs.

When you review and add a book you can pick which version you want, so if you don't want the US titled book to be in your library on GR, you can switch to the other one pretty easily. If more people did that, then perhaps the other version would be the default. I think for the most part, when people search the book, they see the US titled one and add that, without taking the time to look at other versions or which was the original and so, the US one just gets more adds/reviews and solidifies itself as the GR default for this book.
James Because there's some evil American publishing convention that has to change book titles and Goodreads is mostly an American website. Sadly I thought this nasty habit was dead, I was wrong.
Heather - Just Geeking By You can change what version/edition you have listed by clicking on the book cover. Select the edition you want i.e. the English version there. This is the same for every book on GoodReads; they are listed with multiple versions because books are published in multiple countries under various titles.
IvanOpinion It is listed as Rivers of London for me. I wouldn't even know that the American publishers used a different title were it not for this query. I just searched for the title of the book I read. But perhaps this has changed since the original query.

The US title is staggeringly misleading. Admittedly, there is a riot at one point (though not at midnight), but if you bought the book wanting to read something focused on a riot you would be very disappointed. If they wanted the most gratuitous title with a fig leaf justification in what happens in the book, they could have called it Naked Swimming.
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