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This book is really incredible. I had heard about it, the sad moments of it, and even when there were very sad parts, i didn't cry once during it. The writing was truly a piece of art, i had trouble letting the book down. One of my favorites, just like 'Hunger games' and 'Catching fire' The trilogy is amazing :)

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Booklover456 I don't really cry during books. Only like in If I Stay, or Eclipse, my eyes just fill with tears. Mockingjay had this raw, powerful feeling to it. Catching fire was the best though ;)
Robrazia knight I now im was crying like carzy
Sonya Ball I don't typically cry at books. My one exception to this was "Bridge to Terabithia" when Leslie dies, but I was only 9 then - I think I cried for like a whole day. I'm 40 now and well, real life has made me realize books are nothing to cry over. Though I think if I re-read that I'd still cry.
The Dark Knight I too didn't cry. People have called me heartless life draining wench because of it, but honestly its good to know that there are others are like me! so what if we don't have "feelings" or we aren't "caring people" all that matters is that we have our library of books, some "lemonade" or "tea", and our cats. My little angels are named Timothy, Pip, Rafael, Edward, and Cristian. :)
Brian Engleman How is this a question?
Virgil Vertrees I am very sensitive and this made me cry so much I feel like crying just thinking about it and I love "The Bridge To Terabithia" it made me cry for about a day or so and there is so much love and sadness to this book, that is what makes this trilogy so great! This book did get boring but I kept reading and it got WAY better so trust me if ur going to give up reading it just keep reading!
Reading-Girl2 I love some of these comments. And now feel the need to explain this to all of you. I do cry in books. And movies. I cry not just because it's sad, I cry because I can relate and connect with the characters. I never used to cry in movies (or books) when I was really young.
But, at the age of 10, my class had to watch the movie and read 'Bridge to Terabithia'. Because we were 10 (and the school didn't want to give us all our own copies) it was read aloud. I didn't cry, most likely because the teacher's voice couldn't hold that kind of emotion. But when we watched the movie, I cried and was embarrassed because it was at school.

Now, I cry in a lot of books and some movies. I don't rate a book on how much I cried but if it's meant to be sad and I don't cry then... In Mockingjay I knew that I should be crying and tried to get tears but they didn't come. And it was only Peeta being Hijacked that gave me enough emotion to cry, and even then the tears didn't come out of my eye and I was forcing it somewhat.

Gigi, I don't know what makes you different from others to think it is a piece of art. See my comment on the other question about crying to help me out in my research.
Samantha schuttenberg I have not gotten to see part two of this movie! I don't really like when people end up telling you about how the movie ends or starts
Angelstar I did not cry either, and I'm actually happy that someone else didn't ^^ It was very sad, but I'm not the type of person that cries a lot. I liked this book too! :)
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