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It's TOO.. Too much abuse Too unformed characters Too too brilliant people Too great a friendship (s) Too amazing a lifestyle Too inconsistent Too tragic, really ..Willem? Too long Too much technical detail Too much effort.... Stopped before the end

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Cynthia Vengraitis I think it's too, too because it's more of an allegory. It almost has a fable or fairy tale quality. The characters are not supposed to be real people but rather representatives. The story is of abuse and and the human spirit.
Michelle This is a beloved book: So why am I not loving it? I really want to keep going... but my face while reading this resembles the cover photo. These are the blandest characters (or character stand-ins) in an otherwise engaging story. Granted, I'm only about 60 pages in. But none of the men are grabbing my interest, and I'm having trouble actually telling them apart - they all have a similar voice/POV.
DonnaC I agree. Though I did finish the book, I became annoyed with it after first 500 pages. Everything was just TOO much!
Fernanda I am there right now. I am 500 pages into a 780 page book and I just dont like the characters. I must be a completely heartless person because I stopped caring about Jude and feel like the writer is emotionally manipulative and wants us all to be like Williem. Only im not. Im frustrated that Jude is as stubborn as they come and have run out of steam.
Nikki Thank you for this. I came here to see if it's worth persevering because I'm now nearly 30% in (eBook, so don't know about pages) and I'm hating this book. Seeing all the award nominations and 5-star-praises I wondered if I'm missing the point but it's good to see others disliking it, too.

My problems? First of all the meandering style. She starts on something (most recently Jude getting the painting from JD) then immediately wanders off on tangents, so I start skipping because I want to get back to the point.

I find the four lead guys both unlikeable and uninteresting. I thought the book would describe the struggles of young people trying to make it in Manhattan, but they are all super successful, some have super rich backgrounds and have a (literally) unbelievable network of support.

I've stopped caring for them after the first time leap forward which finds them all "having made it". I also hated how she first alluded to Jude's miserable childhood but kept us guessing for another several dozen pages (when I started to skip). I also find Jude's story almost over the top miserable. "Too much of everything" indeed. Think I'll give up now.
Timo Matzen I agree! It cost me a lot of effort to see this book through till the end; too much melodrama......
Rita Me, too. Stopped because it was unrealistic melodrama and the characters started annoying me.
Janene Yes ! Exactly this. I do not understand why it is so well loved by so many.
It's ridiculous. Thank you for making me feel less crazy when I say I do not even want to finish his book.
G What are you asking here? This is not a question. Why is it here?
Jford I sort of agree but I also think many books stretch plausibility to make a point. The beauty and meaning of the story however for me overcame this irritation. So many insights into life and our inner/outer worlds
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