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How can there be a review when the book doesn't even appear finished yet??

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Catherine I wish goodreads star ratings would be blocked before a book is published for the general public. It's very annoying to see someone give 5 stars to a book they couldn't possibly have read. Maybe give reviewers who have advance copies an override code or something?
A-bookworm Is there a list we can sign on with to be notified when the book actually becomes available? Amazon is not even offering it up as a pre-order yet, so I doubt anyone has gotten an early copy. But I'm excited about the BBC making a series of it.
Marilee There isn't any legitimate review of the 4th Cormoran Strike book, since Rowling revealed, just this week, that she's still writing it. So, anyone who claims to have read it is ... how to put it nicely... clairvoyant? Or maybe just hopeful.
Krazykiwi This has been answered many many times on the Feedback group. People are free to use GR ratings as they wish, including rating their level of anticipation for forthcoming books. It's just as legitimate a use of the site as any other use.
Amanda Right? It's like a participation trophy. "You released the title of your upcoming book! 5 stars for you!"
Jaksen My goodness! If you don't want to know about a book, then don't read the darn reviews. How hard can that be? Regardless of pub. date, etc. There are many, many ways to get a book 'early,' including ARCS, giveaways, contests, and even to book reviewers. When I'm anticipating a book, and see reviews are already up, and I don't want to know what people are saying, well I just DON'T read the reviews. As for the stars, they never mean much to me anyhow. Why make things hard when they can be so easy?
Abhinav Ka just placed a pre-order at waterstones. hope i sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow to find it is already 18th!
Ann Troy I don't know -- but I'm thrilled to see the publication date on Amazon: 9/18/18. Wish I knew how to get advance copies for review!
Lynda If it's by Rowling writing as Galbraith it's going to be excellent - guaranteed.
William Bevill I read that Amazon's tie-in with Goodreads means there may be people writing "positive" reviews of books beforehand, even if they didn't read them, to increase sales. This is in some cases, not saying it is in this case, and for poor reviews.. who knows- Advance copies.
Peter The only way there can be a legitimate review if the book has not yet been released is if the reviewer receive an ARC or galley copy for reviewing purposes before the release date.
Ameera I also believe that many people/constant reviewers receive the book ahead of publication and provide their opinion on it.
Patrick King I purchased this on the 17th of September, finished reading it on the 21st. https://www.amazon.com/Lethal-White-C...
David To answer the question, there cannot be a review of something one has not read. One of very many wrong with GR, like rating a movie of the book, rather than the book.....and leaving it there when notified.
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