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Only b/c I can't complain about this anywhere else... Just found out they made a TV show based on this series. Anyone else who's seen it miffed that Clayton doesn't have his southern accent?

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Farren He doesn't sound much more southern in the book than in the show to me. Just says "darlin'" in both. What I was wondering.. why does he even have a southern accent if he's been living with the pack in New York since he was a child? Or maybe I just missed something.
Jessi I usually refuse to watch movies/series based on my favorite books. Same goes with the TV series for this book. It could be a fantastic show, but it would ruin the characters that I already have in my imagination... The only movie i've ever seen that did the books any justice at all was Harry Potter.
Sometimes i'll do it the other way though and watch the series/movie before I read the books and that's okay...
B.P. Aw man, 2nd complaint for season 2... where is Lucas Cortez!? I don't like Nick and Paige as "an item."
Nancy He says "darlin" a little southerny lol
Jeanett Haave Honestly, not much is the same in the series, and the standard of the story was completely ruined. I realised pretty fast that I wasn't going to like it, although someone who hasn't read the books might think it's good. People who die in the book doesn't on the show and vice versa. Rules have changes, the "plot" has changed and so on. I'd say the tv show was only loosely based on the books. (And yeah, I've wanted to complain about this for some time. :P )
Allicia At times he does a really terrible attempt at a southern accent...
Elizabeth Riley I watched the first series and though "oh, this isn't too far from the book" after not having read the book for 5 or more years. Went back and re-read the book and realised how different it was. That being said, series one was okay (apart from towards the end).

Once they introduced the witches, it got way too far from the books and played too much on cults etc. Disappointing really - the books would make a really good supernatural crime series if followed.
Jorja Tabu I prefer actors not to fake a southern accent, as it generally makes my skin crawl... That said, TV Clay can say whatever he wants, as long as he continues to say it naked :)
Madlin Clayton's mom, in the t.v. series, is super southern.
Rhami I was sad he didn't have his southern drawl. Not as amazing as I would have liked for a TV show, but still alright.
Lisa I did see the show prior to discovering this book, but I would have really liked him with the accent! I think Logan twist in show was a good contribution to series as well!
Dawn Oh is that why he always calls her Darlin? I haven't read the book yet I have just stared watching the series and I thought it was weird that a New Yorker was saying Darlin all the time
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