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Funny how language can convince the mind to follow along with the fabricator's ideas. If eating meat is good because its protein most resembles ours, why aren't we eating other humans instead? That would be the best way. Or you know, we could take a look at the 8 essential amino acids that are found in every single whole plant food, and realize that as long we eat enough + variety, we CAN suppress our urge to murder..

Danny McCaffrey Did you even read the book?

Funny how sooner or later a vegetarian shows up to preach their morality and belief system like an evangelical driven to save the damned from hell. It's just as obnoxious and unreasonable. And more importantly - about the believer's need to convince themselves, not the unbelieving.

We do eat humans - The Korawai of New Guinea, and others. But most of us don't - because of civilization developed morality and abundance.

Why aren't carnivores like Lions eating each other? Because it's a stupid question.

You are entitled to you're own opinion, but not you're own facts.

You might try engaging with actual nutritional scientists, like the one that wrote this book. And not getting your arguments from vegetarian sites, memes or your own need to protect your belief system. If it's so evident why did you waste your time here?

You are entitled to practice the ethical consumerism of vegetarianism. But I find your practice of making shit up so quickly immoral too. It's an admirable consumer movement. But not an naturally occurring nutritional diet. It's a first world luxury that needs supplementation and even that may be proving ineffective at worst and detrimental at best compared to actual whole food.

You don't have to eat meat. But we don't have to put up with your scientific-less emotion based arguments either. Science is already addressing the question of sustainable protein and bugs will be the protein of the future - they're THE most nutrient dense food on the planet, and everywhere. If you really wanted to pat yourself on the back for your perceived moral superiority you'd be a cultural leader and start eating them for the sake of your health and the planets.
Chad "funny how language can convince the mind to follow along with the fabricator's ideas."

Words have meaning. As for "murder", that word means the wrongful killing of another human being. killing a cow or duck or chicken for any reason is not and has never been "murder", and if we were intended only to eat plants, you'd think we wouldnt have the teeth of omnivores........ hmm.
Katie O'Connell we are herbivores; otherwise eating meat wouldn't cause us to develop high acidity, providing the ideal habitat for disease and virus to flourish, ageing us prematurely and shutting down receptors of empathy and compassion, fuelling our human invasion and destruction of the natural cycles and rhythm of Earth, annihilating all that is pure. Just a thought, Chad
Carson Furry Yes, I found the "scientific" reasons why we should eat meat very misleading as well. Our GI systems are more like other herbivore mammals than carnivores and she states the opposite. Funny how people can be so misleading in this regard. Also, it is not correct or up to date on several other nutritional recommendations, that actually have you working a lot harder for less health benefit. As an RN I look for reliable scientific information before I make a diet change. I would not rely on this book.
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