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If anyone has read this, can you tell me whether its less 'gruesome' than The Silkworm? I honestly couldn't finish that book with the style of murders...and I'm not a prude or that squeamish. It just got overwhelming.

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Katherine Smith In my opinion it is much more gruesome than The Silkworm. I had no problem at all reading The Silkworm but I found this very upsetting. It probably depends on what you struggle with personally, but Career of Evil is about misogynistic violence and contains graphic descriptions of sadism and torture- the sort of stuff that I find least palatable to read about.
Colby While I wouldn't say there are passages that go into as much detail as a specific passage from Silkworm, I found the murders, etc. in this one to be more alarming; in the previous book, the attack is targeted and planned, but in this one it's much more about opportunity and vulnerability. Also, there is a lot more sexual violence in this one, as well as passages from the killer's POV, which are quite disturbing.
3 no 7 It has its share of abuse including beatings, rapes, murders, and, of course, the delivery of a severed leg on page 9, so yes, violence and the accompanying injuries.
Ann Katherine Smith your answer nails it for me! I loved the first two books. I am a bit over half done the third and strongly considering putting it on the "tried" shelf. Not at all what I was looking for. I feel that the first book was a well written "detective" story....this is not that!
Jody I skipped the gruesome parts. It made for fairly choppy reading, but I'm more interested in her characters anyway. Agatha Christie's murders are my gruesomeness limit. Beyond that, for me, it's just gratuitous awfulness, not entertaining or insightful.

From one of her interviews, it's pretty clear she knows her strengths lie in her characters' relationships. So Joanne, if you're reading this, please stick to your amazing characters, OK? We can read the news to get the rest.
Jana Definitely more gruesome. I felt overwhelmed, like you did, and if anything this one was more like that. A lot of bloody, gory deaths that are described.
Donny Well it is and it isnt. The murders and collection of parts is more gruesome. But it's less gruesome bc the murders are very quick writing. Not pages of detail. Just quick done and back to the chase of finding out who is doing it and stopping him.
Bfor I struggled with the "gruesome" factor as well. If I was not absolutely smitten with the characters I could not have finished #2 and #3. "Evil" is a tad gruesome as well, but I think that goes along with the "Detective" genre. I will be panting for book #4, but I won't seek out other detective novels, unless they are of the "Royal Spyness" variety---crimes, even murders, without the gorey details.
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