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how does this compare with WoT?

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Saul the Heir of Isauldur Whereas WoT borrows a lot from Eastern philosophies: renewal, rebirth, opposites-create-balance, The Fionavar Tapestry (of which The Summer Tree is the first book) borrows more from Celtic mythology.

WoT is large in scope, the very definition of epic, from the main villain to its length (seriously, 14 books). I'm not saying that Fionavar isn't epic (believe you me, Kay is a master on par with his mentor Tolkien).

To an outsider, all fantasy is similar, and most fantasy books have more or less the same themes. If you like epic fantasy, I'd recommend you read them both.
Marlowe I've only read The Summer Tree so far, so I can't speak to the rest of the series. So far, though, I've found it to be very similar. There's a lot of the same themes, same sprawl of main characters, similar "epic fantasy" style, etc. The big difference is that Kay is much more economical with plot. For one thing, it's only three books instead of over a dozen, but also the plot beats are just tighter and more focused.

So, I would say that it's similar enough to read if you loved WoT and to avoid if you hated it.
Kathleen For me, I would say there is no similarity to the Wheel of Time. I loved the Wheel of Time series for its characters, world building, and strong females. I have only read The Summer Tree so far and would liken it to Tolkien, while I have actually found the book more mystical than either. I have loved the atmosphere created by Guy Gavriel Kay which has elevated the story telling to amazing heights.
Gary Clearly, it is an inspiration to WoT in some respects -a lot really (Game of Thrones as well). This is a good thing actually, and common really. Jordan did homage to a number of earlier writers: Le Guin, Tolkien, Herbert etc.

Wheel of Time is not similar enough to The Summer Tree to warrant advising others to stay away from The Summer Tree if you do not like WoT, however. They are vastly different in all the major aspects of writing.
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