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Hi, I'm the writer. Has anyone any comments or observations on the book they'd like me to comment on?

David Rollins Hi Charles, I've garnered some flak for releasing the book in three episodes. The fault is all mine, and a I had a number of reasons. I thought that releasing the book episodically would build interest. All I seem to have done, though, is anger folks who think either me (or the publisher) is just being greedy. I did have the episodes vaguely in mind as I wrote, but I don't think I did a particularly great job of structuring the narrative, especially in the first episode. I probably didn't give readers enough of Rufinius for them to realise that he would be the person the complete story is largely about.
Now, let me go back to that word, "greed". The other reason it's released episodically is that I hoped I might make a little more money. Yes, shoot me.
If you knew how much work went into this book and the accompanying meagre return, you'd wonder why I even bother. The same is true for most authors - especially in this digital environment with the accompanying demise of chain bookstores. So I attempted to make it a little more worthwhile, but I don't think it has worked in my favour. I've seen some readers complain about the $6 cost of an e-book! When is an e-book a good price? $3? $1? I dunno - being a writer is a tough gig unless you're JK Rowling! And there's only one of her. So, Charles, there you have it. I've been absolutely candid with you. Hopefully I won't get too badly pummelled for it :)
Charles Green Hi David. Very much enjoyed the book, as I my hope review makes clear, and I will be looking forward to the next volume. However, I remain curious about the strategy of episodic publication. I have nothing against it in principle, and had I not received the Complete Edition of Field of Mars via NetGalley I would have happily purchased the individual episodes. I'd like to know though, whether you wrote the book with episodic publication in mind or it was the choice of the publisher to go that way?
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