Abigail asked:

Why can't I finish this book? - all the parts are there but I just can't get get through it. I will keep trying but may never do it.

Kassie I personally found the second novel to be a bit dragging but it's super worth it when you finish the third, you'll be thankful for that change in style and the way you received the information. This book is not for everyone, but it made one hell of an impression on me.
Sarah I'm just going to say that it's not worth finishing. The IDEAS are great, but the execution is really confusing. "New Weird" is an odd genre.
David Rentería I couldn't get through the first one. It was too omnipresent with not enough dialogue. There's nothing you feel about it either, no fear, suspense, humor, etc. I'm a firm believer in if you're not liking it, stop reading it and pick up something else.
James Alai I thought it was just me! I thought my brain was too slow to get into these books. I realized that Area X is just a slow slow burn that isn't worth the hours put in. When I thought something interesting was about to happen I would get bogged down in weird descriptions that, if written by another author, could have been summed up in a sentence or two. It's a shame. I really tried to like these books. I wanted to like them so much. At least the book covers are cool!
Jim don't bother. I forced myself hoping for a payoff that never came
Michael I'm having the same problem. The book is fascinating, the writing is well-done and different from anything I've read, but I find I have to really push myself to keep reading. I started almost a year ago. I took a break between the second and third book, and now I'm trying to finally finish.
Mike I think it's the change in the character and POV changes. I enjoyed the first book. The second book was okay. The third I never got through.
Steve Doyal I have only finished the first one at this point. It was a challenging read, but I want to finish. I just don't feel the strong compulsion to do it, yet. I have reached past it on the nightstand and read 2 other books since.
Linc Park I found it hard to get through because it's a trilogy filled with scientists but contains no science or logic. Both the science and logic are replaced with metaphysical mumbo jumbo which results in plot holes galore. This in turn makes the reader apply the science and this where you see how poorly thought out the concept of Area X actually is. To avoid the logical gaps and the bad science in the trilogy, the Author fills the pages with endless internal monologues from one character or another with a lot of digression. So, if, like me, you are expecting some logic in the science in this Sci-fi story and not page filling, mind numbing monologues, then you will find it a struggle to get through.
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by Jeff VanderMeer (Goodreads Author)
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