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Are there any questions about the book for book club meetings?

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Sara I know this is late, however hopefully this is helpful for someone else.

1) Did anyone else find Frannie's letters pointless?
2) Who the hell is Frannie and the man she’s writing to?
3) When and how did Alice stop having a job?
4) Did anyone wonder if they made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the lemon meringue?
5) Does anyone feel like the Alice before the memory loss and the Alice after the memory loss are equally unlikeable?
6) How would you handle losing ten years of memory? Where would you be? Who do you remember?
7) How many people do you know get hurt on a spin bike?
8) What things in your life would you love to never remember? Totally forget? Any?
9) How would you feel if you realized that you may not like yourself very much and question what you've become?
10) How would you feel waking up to emotions that were still very much alive in your heart and thoughts, only for the true reality of it to be very different?
11) What would you do if you lost 10 years of your life and all the wonderful moments you were looking forward to already happened, but you don't remember?
12) Wouldn’t it be interesting to go back in time and basically get a do-over? What changes would you make? Were you a better person back then than you are now, or vice versa?
13) How common is Alice and Nick’s story?
14) What would it be like to meet your kids for the first time at their current ages?
15) If her brain isn’t showing any physical damage yet she’s lost a decade of her life, wouldn’t the doctors/nurses be more concerned?
16) Why did Nick have a change of heart so fast after Alice lost her memory? Wasn't he more angry than that?
17) How many times in hindsight do we wish we could have done things differently?
18) If someone you love and/or care about loses 10 years of memory, would you leave the children she doesn't remember in her care?
19) If someone you love and/or care about loses 10 years of memory, would you just let her leave the hospital after a day based on her word that she regained her memory without doing an MRI?
J.C. Phillipps The paperback version that I have has a section in the back for book discussion groups.
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