Cecelia asked:

Have you ever taken a long road trip during a snowstorm?

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Sue Marie Well, it seemed long to me........driving from central Wisconsin to near Munising (Lake Superior). About 1/2 to 2/3 of the way there it started snowing. I kept going but it was treacherous.
One Thanksgiving my daughter drove with me from central Wisconsin to the Twin Cities in rain, ice and snow. It was an agonizingly long journey but she was undaunted. Should have been a 4-4 1/2 hour trip but was lots longer.
Dixie-Lee Campbell January 1999 or was it February ... Well 77 km from work to home... I was working at the time in Kemptville, Ontario. I didn't realize the storm was as bad as where I worked was somewhat protected by buildings from the whirling blowing falling snow conditions. As I was cautiously driving onto the 417 highway ramp... I realized ... woe this is really bad out here !!!! Once on the open highway I could hardly see past my windshield. Panic hadn't hit at that time... but after short distance kilometer or two, hard to judge ... I could not really tell where the side of the road ended or began. I became extremely frustrated and had the urge to get out of my van, clear the window off. I had to give my thought a physical and mental headshake. Hard to describe disturbed feeling. I had to talk myself to not get out of my vehicle.... really had to work on that. "Stay in the van... you won't be able to see where you are going once outside of this warm vehicle... lots of gas... stay in the van... people who get out of their vehicle end up in more distress... Don't start walking !!!! I moved the vehicle extremely slowly forwarded praying to God I would not go off the roadway, wherever that actually ended. Ok, watch for the next exit ramp and get off... saw I say the sign, next exit Stagecoach... and the distance I don't remember now, but vividly remember inching my van cautiously forward ... awe ... up the exit as there seemed to be a slight curve, signalled to get off... don't why no one would be able to see it anyway... yes, follow the safe driving... ha ha... safe driving would have been ... "Stay Parked AT Work...being safe sleeping on the floor at work... the mice would have been better company than this treacherous spot I am in at this very moment... ha a moment which is equal to an hour of time, or eternity... f i n a l l y ... reaching Stagecoach Road... eee-haw !! whew !!! Thank you L o r D !! signal on... turn left... please don't let there be some coming... oh well it will be slow and gentle impact... I am turning s l o w l y .... ok drive watch for the Stagecoach Restaurant .... E v e n t u a l l y, ah , right signal on .... hope not going in the ditch... whew... I can see inside the building still open good.... thank you again Lord. I just sat there for about ... who knows how long.. I just felt I drove a million miles... but it was only actually a very few kilometers from my workplace. Got out ... plunked my head on a table.... " All I can say I will never do that again !!!! ever !!!

Oddly I working in Kemptville as it was the processing office for processing claims for the Icestorm 1998 we had in Ottawa region of eastern Ontario. The location was deemed a good spot because it was a small community situated by surrounding many rural farming areas involved and astoundingly impacted by the Icestorm . I applied as they was supposed to be an office located in Orleans and I would be able to peddle to work if I got the job ... never did happen ...April 1998 - 30 Nov 1999 ... so really got the feel for folks travelling distances to going to work. I also got to drive in other road conditions ... I loved driving in rain... but ... I have to tell you I had my stints of not so pleasant drives from work ... especially the day I had seen a transport truck blow over to the side of the road into the ditch by the wind... But on those perfect days when the weather was top A1 Perfect for driving - I enjoyed it, and loved the peacefulness. ....

but... there was time I thought I would stop and pick up a few rocks from the side of the road left to lay in the from building the roadway from 2 -lanes to 4 lane divided highway. .. radio blaring, motor running, got out leaving the door ajar .... wush-sound of the wind, slam. damn. transport truck just slammed the door tightly shut. my purse in the car, keys in the ignition. This is a whole other kind of storm and struggle of patience that didn't involve bad weather .... lol lol lol I can chuckle about it now.
Denise Jo No, but it seemed long.... My cousin got married on Christmas day and the snow was already deep and coming down. I was a kid and my dad was driving. I remember sliding all over the little streets until we got to the Blvd. There were salt barrels out and we followed the salt truck. What should have been about a 45 minute drive turned into hours. We crawled along. It was a great wedding.. 45 years later we still talk about it when we all get together..
Ami Weeeelll, considering that I live in tropical country, the answer would be 100% no. *lol*
Cecelia I've never been on a long road trip during a snowstorm. However, I did travel with my family to Michigan to visit relatives a few times. It was tough. I hated the long drive and hot weather. My mom packed sandwiches, and my bored sister opened the window and threw the sandwich out! We watched it explode on the road as we sped down the highway! I couldn't WAIT to arrive at our destination!!
Margaret Fraleigh Hi Cecilia...... Actually one year when my husband and I vacationed in
Florida, we drove that year., On the way home the weather gradually got worse and worse. We ended up having to stay at a motel. The next morning we were so close to the Canadian border that we started home. It was shear ice on the roads. Never so glad to get home.
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