Greg asked:

I thought it extremely unfair of Knoll's to paint Mitt Romney's supporters in such a bad light. Does anyone think Knoll just hates republicans in general?

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Denise I didn't think it was unfair at all. The paragraph where she referenced Mitt Romney was talking about how supporting a candidate "like that" could mean the end of Planned Parenthood -- an organization that was helpful to the main character following her rape as a teenager. Romney did want to defund Planned I didn't think it was unfair. I think it was her way of showing one more way she was sooo different from her fiance -- one more way they didn't "get" each other.
Anne Probably! I did notice that comment thrown in there. On the other hand, the author thought pot usage among 8th graders, alcohol at all high school parties, and the morning after pill available without parental consent was normal. I can't help but wonder if TifAnihad told her parents about the rape after it happened (and seriously -- what girl doesn't know being the only girl at a party is probably not in your best interest?), she could have made her parents aware of the bullying and honestly saved the lives of countless students. (That would only be the case if she wasn't in on the shooting. I chose to believe that she was one of the planners.)
Janessa Taylor Most authors are on the liberal side of things. It’s sad... this def wasn’t my experience in HS... I didn’t drink and get into these situations... I kinda felt like the author was an apologist for all the immoral stuff some teens think is ok.. I also thought it was so gross and stupid that she acted like watching pornography was just fine. Pornography is a cancer. People are messed up. I feel like liberals set out to preach “free love” and “do what you want” all day long, all the while condemning the consequences of their behaviors like a child that eats candy all day and ends up puking in the end.
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