Kelton asked:

How come this was written while Putin is still in power and alive? Wouldn't it make more sense to write about the life of Putin and his reign after he died or lost power? Seeing as how it would make for an incomplete reflection.

William Braddell I haven't read the book but from the description it sounds like it was written with the goal of allowing the reader to understand how Putin may behave in the future.
Maggiemuggins The simplest answer to Kelton's question would be that if we wait until anyone is dead, whatever damage we might have been able to prevent had we only known all the facts, will have been done and the only thing left for us then would be to wring our hands and say "Oh, if only we'd known all that when he was alive."

Quite aside from all that, it is a fascinating book and one that should be read by all - especially with everything going on between Russia and the USA these days. Ignorance is not bliss no matter what the old adage says.
Helen Sanders Biographies are very often written while the person is still alive. This book, layer by layer, is unfolding Putin as a man, a father, and very human. It is also explaining where he is in world politics today, how he got there and what kinds of things we may expect from him in the future. There will more than enough books written AFTER he is dead to give other people, those in the know and some just spectators, to put their own personal spin on what Vladimir Putin was all about.
Elizabeth Sulzby I am shocked at how point by point it recounts Putin's life as recounted by Russian investigative reporter Masha Gessen's The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin (2012)--until the section on Putin's take over of the Chechen/Dagastan terrorism war. If a student of mine wrote such a close parallel, I would caution them about possible charges of plagiarism. And to Kelton's question, yes, biographies are written during people's lives and it is very relevant now with the rise of nationalism and kleptocracy in other nations. . . .
John Machata Is it not wise and prudent to write of a present danger to world peace and economic stability is the present tense. There will be a role for for a retrospective biography.
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