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Why is a book that is supposedly about educating children about inclusivity using an ableist catchphrase in the title?

Lauredhel Jimmy Vee, the meaning "pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness" gains its force from the disability meaning of the word. Just as "retarded", "idiot", "moron", "cretin", "imbecile", "gay" and "cunt" as generic pejoratives gain their force from societal bigotry.

Check out the etymology of the word at Etymonline. Old English lama "crippled, lame; paralytic, weak," from Proto-Germanic *lamon (cognates: Old Norse lami, Dutch and Old Frisian lam, German lahm "lame"), "weak-limbed," literally "broken," from PIE root *lem- "to break; broken," with derivatives meaning "crippled" (cognates: Old Church Slavonic lomiti "to break," Lithuanian luomas "lame"). In Middle English, "crippled in the feet," but also "crippled in the hands; disabled by disease; maimed.

Its use as a pejorative in a setting not explicitly about disability is a very recent phenomenon.
Jimmy Vee Thank you for the question. The word "Lame" in the title of this book isn't referencing the "ableist" related definition. It refers to the definition that states, "pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness." The concept is that by being ordinary you water down your opportunity to effectively make an impact in life. It's about celebrating our differences and using those things that make us unique (sometimes also the things that make us and others uncomfortable) to our advantage instead of being ashamed of them or spending our lives trying to hide from them. Embrace who you are and you can go far! The phrase Same Is Lame is actually a registered trademark owned by me and I have used it in live stage presentations to make this point and motivate people to live life with confidence and pride.
Ellen Keyes I had to google the word "ableist" to understand this question. Maybe that is an indication that the intention was not meant to be offensive or discriminatory. Being different has obviously inspired the author and he hopes others will be inspired and celebrate their physical make-up and that of others.
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