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Does this hold any weight against the first three?

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Aaron (Okuyo) Toponce I really liked this book. Fantastically so, actually. I was skeptical that a western could work as a fantasy, but Brandon nailed it, IMO. And "Shadows of Self", the actual first book in the Wax and Wayne era, was a continuation to it, and absolutely fantastic.

For me, the first three had a very Dark Ages feel, with deep political and philosophical undertones. It was "dark" and "heavy"; a very depressing read. Alloy of Law contrasts that, in that it is very "light" and "fun".

IMO, it's better than the original trilogy, and Shadows of Self is even better.
Kevin Just didn't hit the right chords with me Mary Jane. I really like The Final Empire but this one does not make me want to read the next one anytime soon.
Chester Henderson Definitely, I'm currently halfway through. I was skeptical at first as without giving away spoilers it moves further on in time from the trilogy and the original characters have been left behind. It takes on a much heavier 'fantasy western/ steam punk' feel. Thoroughly enjoying it, much like I did with Joe Abercrombie's trilogy and subsequent novels.

Completely agree with Aaron's responce, its much lighter and the characters are very addictive
Katelyn Depends what you like. The first trilogy (my favorite), is more of dark ages feel. It is deeper, darker, slower, and IMO has more meaningful characters, etc. This series is also excellent though in a different way. This book isn't shallow, but definitely isn't as deep as the original series. I wouldn't say it's light cotton candy, but Wayne's humor makes it feel lighter than the original series. This book is definitely faster paced, whereas mistborn, I would sometimes put down for months because it felt slower. These characters are great, but so far (I just finished shadows of self), the characters in mistborn feel more meaningful and deeper. I still love these characters! But there's a really special place in my heart for original mistborn characters. So far I like original mistborn series better and would give the series as a whole 5 stars, where this one I'd give 4.5 stars too lol.
Marie I like the second trilogy better than the first. It's less epic and sticks with the characters more. My favorite in the first trilogy is "The Final Empire" because I love the combination of character development and plot. As the first trilogy went epic I didn't enjoy it as much - probably because I could no longer relate to some of the main characters and thus didn't care as much for them. The second trilogy held my attention on both character and plot fronts throughout the series and that's why I like it better. I was also really drawn in by the unexpected steampunk/western combination.
Daniel Denhalter One of the best spinoffs I have ever read. At first I didn't like the idea of the book turning into a turn of invention/ Western style. But you can tell than Sanderson has really developed as an author. His work was great beforehand but it amazes me how much more impactful his writing becomes as time continues. I just finished the Third book (mistborn #6) the Bands of Mourning and I was enthralled with the storyline. I am extremely excited to read "The Lost Metal". Give it a chance if you haven't already. you won't be disappointed.
Donna I very much liked the second act of this series (Books 4, 5, 6) and enjoyed book 6, "The Bands of Mourning", the most; though it does end on something of a cliff hanger. It is set in a much later period so you have completely different characters for the most part. It also for me has a great deal more humor and wit. Wayne is by far my favorite character.
Yong En While I really wanted to spend more time in the old world, the new one has a lot to offer. As you will soon learn (or maybe already learned) power structures have changed a lot, since instead of Mistborn (full allomancy), we now have Twinborn (1 part allomancy, 1 part feruchemy). This is basically cowboys and magic.
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