Lauren asked:

Some of my son's friends (age 11) told him this book was violent and inappropriate. Yes or no?

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Helena I'm a girl and I began reading these books when I was 12 years old. I've never liked violence that much when I was that age (I couldn't watch action movies) but these books are fine. I mean they deal with crime and fighting but the main character is also 12 years old and very relatable, I would say. I think it depends if a child can deal with fightings and stuff but I don't think it's inappropriate. It's real and not brutal.
Megan Yes. There is some violence, but as a person in 7th grade there was some inappropriateness that was a little too much for me.
Julie John read this series over the summer (he turned 12 in August). The first one was on the 7th grade recommended reading list. He likened it to James Bond. I'll ask him how much violence was in it after school today. My feeling is that some of the content was a bit inappropriate, similar to a PG-13 movie.

Update: John said that there was a lot of violence - primarily hand to hand combat and "stuff you'd see in an action movie". He said not much gun violence, though.
Lizzy Lord there is some violence not a lot in the first few books, it does get worse as the books progress as the characters get older they get into more serious topics. you would be the best judge for your son though.
UnknownUser No I think it is appropriate for your child and it is absolutely brilliant. He will love it! (Some expletives are mentioned though! :( )
Ggggg it was good shet
Tiara I get your point Lauren in some ways it is inappropriate but the only thing that is inappropriate about it is the language features and about the violence it's not really violent it is that a guy called James works for cherub and they are undercover..I'm 11 years old and right now i am reading the same book with my whole class and we love it..We can't get enough of it and everyone sighs when the teacher closes the book so i disagree..

Kind regards
Rio It’s just a book better than watching
Kim Yes, depends on maturity. I have some reluctant readers in my classroom that read the whole series and loved it. But it is definitely not for everyone.
Ali Yes. Inappropriate.
Kate It depends completely on the maturity of the reader I read the books when I was seven but only the first three books are in my junior school library. I think it would be best to talk to the child before hand and make a judgment based on the child's own maturity.
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