Harry asked:

Who here knows the background of this book? How Miguel conned all those girls into editing / pubishing/publicizing this book for nothing? How he slept with all of them, here in San Diego? DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MAN. The good ideas in this book are all found in older, more classical philosophies. This man just ran a cult - nothing more.

Erica R Don't usually log onto this site, but I found this comment and everyone's response disturbing. First and foremost, it's problematic (like Justin Knight mentions) that everyone is brushing off this accusation because the book was helpful to you. A very close second, after doing some quick research, I haven't found anything to support this claim. Where did you get your info from, Harry?
Ramona How does this background have any relevance to the information provided in this book? How does it make it any less true or false from his points made in "older, more classical philosophies"?

His supposed past or reputation has little to no significance to the value of the information he provided. It spoke true to me and I value that.
Jim Mitchell The background of any book is often unclear from a cursory inspection of the author's history. Since I have run across this book I have heard the author interviewed on New Dimensions Radio, and he seemed straightforward. Perhaps not terribly inspiring, but it is hard to deliver in live radio format. I see from his website he is leading pricey tours to Mexico. Good luck to him. Having sexual relations with multiple partners does not equate to running a cult.

I read the book many years ago, and for the concepts and insights that are there, I thank Miguel Ruiz for putting the words on record. As he points out, these are not his ideas, but they are the core principles of a much older civilization. Perhaps Harry is offering up himself as proof for the validity of that ancient, and most modern, understanding that life is a dream and we only see what our internal judge allows to enter through the veil.

Stop judging Harry, and wake up. It will be good for you and the universe. Perhaps you may see that your comment is quite silly. I hope you can overcome your anxiety over this messenger and speak to the contents of the message. Read the book a couple more times, it is not a long read. But it does take awhile to sink in.

Greg Without you providing facts and the sources, you are just spewing slanderous lies. Stand up for what you say. Provide us with proof. Don't be a slide-line coward who throws out biased rumors without showing us the research and facts. Slinging mud is for young children and politicians. Where was this cult founded? What has happened to it? What is the name of the cult? Where are the victims? Does the cult still exist? Why are you the only whistle-blower? If your intent to protect others from harm, you fell short.
Student whatever the source, if this man didn't make it popular I would have never come across such concept. It is so powerful, for those who feel helpless when it comes to dealing with people.
Michelle E I can't find anything about these accusations online. Does anyone have any sources?
LInda Carlson Where is this information coming from?
Patty Stroh I can not respond to what this this man may or may not have done. The book has provided me with great insight. So have the books that follow. I met with Miguel Ruiz, Jr. a few days ago at a book signing. He spoke of his father with love and affection. The insight he offered are valuable and will forever be greatful.
Raluca Paraschivu Let's not judge a book by it's cover .
Justin Knight So, are these accusations true or not? Y'all are saying to just dust it off, but what does he mean by "girls"? Like underage girls? Does everyone who replied here blindly patronize entities whose behavior they don't condone? And where's your proof, Harry? weird
Vince de Simone You're confusing him with Carlos Castaneda.
Andrea Rudolph Fabulous book. The way he's written it speaks clearly to me in ways that wake me up, unlike long-winded psychology books of the Academic kind. Thank you Miguel Ruiz for helping me immensely. My best friend in another province is getting tons out of your book too. God speed and I sure hope the allegations written above are false. But I don't tend to blindly follow gossip.
Kat I don't know the background, but exactly how do you?
Meghan Arnold This surprises me zero amount. I was super taken aback at his dismissing a warning that someone is a "pervert" as baseless gossip. It definitely raised red flags about the guy himself. Is there an article on this?
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