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Im 16 and I have read The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers (in the midst of reading), and The Hobbit. I love these books! But I wouldn't call myself a hardcore Tolkien fan simply because I enjoy the movies a little more, but I do still enjoy these books and I'm in complete love with the world. I gather from the reviews that The Similarillion is apparently complex. But I'm a well read teen... Would I enjoy it?

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Dylan I read the Silimarillion when I was your age, and I enjoyed it. It's not complex, it's just somewhat dry and historical in the style of writing. Imagine that the Hobbit and LOTR were written by hobbits in the Shire, but Silmarillion was written by elves in Rivendell. It is concerned with the kinds of things that the elves would be concerned with, and is written in their formal, archaic and somewhat sad style. If you enjoy the appendixes at the end of LOTR, then you will enjoy the Silmarillion.
Ricardo The Silmarillion wasn't actually published by JRR Tolkien, but by her son Christopher Tolkien who organized his father's manuscripts after his death.

There are some mistakes but in general is a very interesting book and helps a lot to understand better the Hobbit and LOTR, gives background to the stories as it explains many basic things (e.g. in LOTR you don't even know what Sauron is, Aragorn mentions he was a servant of Morgoth but nothing else, the Silmarillion gives the whole story.

It also explains the origin of the Elves, men, dwarves and other creatures and extends stories that are only mentioned in LOTR or the Hobbit such as Beren and Luthien, Gondolin, etc.
Anna Hi Nathalie, I think that you would like it. I personally loved the book, even more than I loved The Lord of The Rings. It's nice to get some more information of the world where it all takes place.

And by the way, age doesn't matter in books, it's just what you prefer to read! (I'm 16 as well, so I would know ;) )

Have fun reading.
Kim Youjin Yes. I think you definitely would. I read it when I was fourteen, and it was OK. You need to have a comprehensive view of the whole LOTR world though. There are so many similar names though, and you might get a little lost! The appendix comes in handy a lot of times.
Roxy I would not recommend reading this unless you have read all his other popular works more than once. It is an extremely difficult read, not in terms of being able to know what is going on, but more in terms of being engrossed with the world. I think one really has to know Arda first, as it is in the 'present' before one can go back to its complicated and frustrating past. One must also remember that Tolkien was a linguist at heart and proved himself thus with the character and place names. Remember that his other work was more an internal study of the fantasy and language of his own world than a story.
Aaron (Okuyo) Toponce Possibly. It gives a lot of back story into the LoTR era. It starts with the creation of Arda (middle earth), and moves chronologically from that point up until the third age. It is a hard read though. I would recommend the LoTR wiki next to you while you read it, so things are more clear and make sense. Of course, you run the risk of spoilers.
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