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This sounds really good! Is there a significant amount of romance in this book? And will it be enjoyable to Throne of Glass readers?

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Cassy One character entirely revolves around their romance and brooding with almost nothing else to the character. Another couple is set up from the start very transparently and is referred to infrequently but at the end half of the book is suddenly a big thing. One minor character is explicitly mentioned as having a crush on a major character but that doesn't go anywhere. There are several mentions of arranged marriages. Finally there is in my opinion a transparent "oh you're so beautiful but you're my enemy so i must hate you" relationship.

I am a big fan of TOG and while i think this book is readable the plot is a bit simpler and the characters far less complex. This is perhaps more appropriate for an audience who finds it difficult to keep up with high fantasy but likes the fantasy genre and the element of royalty and neighbouring nations.
Alison I have read Throne of Glass and it is as enjoyable. So when finish the fifth book in Throne of Glass (when it comes out) I can look forward to the fifth book in Falling Kingdoms. But then when both series finish, I would probably be dead (not literally-please) So yes, it will be.
But this is my opinion though.
Avaminn F'nett There's really not much romance in this book, but I liked it more than Throne of Glass.
Lyss There's a small romance in the first book; but this author does it well instead of creating a simple romance that starts quickly she drags it out to where you know something is supposed to happen between her characters but it hasn't yet. Much like Throne of Glass did. I just started Throne of Glass and I am ready to catch up on that series seriously! I really love these books because there's a lot of action as well as moments of calm.
Sylvia Their isn't much in the first but a lot in the second. I think that it would be enjoyable for throne of glass because it is similar in a way
Heather I love Throne of Glass and strongly dislike this book. So, I guess it depends on what draws you to Throne of Glass. There's no believable romance in this first book. There's a girl who has a lot of crushes and there's a boy in love with his sister.
Millie Not in the first one but i liked it. I couldn't put it down. Keep reading though, freaking awesome in the sequels
Kate It does have some romance and it will be great for TOG readers! My school librarian recommended this and so far the books are amazing.
Isabelu Holi! Soy una gran admiradora de esta saga y una gran fan. Responderé tus preguntas una por una.
Hay romance en el libro, no lo puedo negar pero no se puede calificar como un libro de romance. Aun así, en el primero no hay tanto, aparece más en el 4,5 y6....
Y sobre tu segunda pregunta, no soy una persona que haya visto mucho GOT pero mis hermanas si y definitivamente si la serie te gusto, el libro te va a encantar... Es muy bueno, no te vas a arrepentir. Suerte y mi usuario esta abierto 24/7!
Elizabeth Yes, if you liked TOG, you will like this book for sure (;
Barrett There is romance but later on. I've read both series and found them enjoyable.
Rachel Racicot I love this series, not a ton of romance at first but more in the second book and on.
Gavin Hammond Not much in the first, but progressively gets more romantic throughout the books, especially in the 4th. Haven't read Throne Of Glass, so I wouldn't know.
Gabriella Almeida the main character is it a woman? clearly i hated Celeana's Saga, hated too much, but i had fall in love to prince of thorns that both is alike history. if that is more of prince of Thorns to throne of glass perhaps i'm gonna like... or hate it.
Jordan There isn't much in the first one, but in the whole series there is a little romance. And yes, if you like Throne of Glass then you will like this series.
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