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My major beef with The Knife of Never Letting go was the writing style used on Todd. Ex: attenshyn (for attention) and musta (must have) It was a distraction for me. Does this happen in this book as well? Thanks.

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Elias The reason for this is that Todd can't read. I thought it was a nice touch and didn't get on my nerves like it did in the Dust Lands books.
Kelli Lang I particularly enjoyed listening to the Chaos Walking series on Audible as read by Nick Podehl. He does an excellent job narrating, with the added bonus that the listener doesn't actually have to see how anything is spelled. Books on tape aren't for everyone, but if you're interested in giving the format a try, the Chaos Walking series is a good place to start.
Ankit Writing style for Todd is the same throughout the whole series. However, if you stick with it, you'll be surprised how well it suits Todd's character. It becomes his character trait. I would suggest you not to let the writing style break you with the series yet.
GrabAHotChoc Yes it still does as it's written partly in Todd's voice. However, if it's any consolation, you do get used to it and just flow into the story as well. In fact, i feel as though the voice allows you to really picture Todd as he is: Naive, innocent yet strong. Hope this helps.
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Vicki You gotta remember these are religious settlers on a new planet where education stopped around the time when the Prenntis women were slaughtered. So the spelling would reflect that. I think about what it would have been like for the first settlers of American if something effected them (short of a terrible fungus epidemic that caused the Salem witch hunt). If you wonder how listening to every thought of all the men would effect you, I think this would be it
Paula Murray-barrett I agree this was a good book. Written in the first person and the language is odd and took some getting used to.I genuinely think that the dialect added to the real feeling of a strange and alien world... Some people marked it down for this. I have marked it up.

As a series, the story is exciting and engaging and delves into the hidden depths of the characters very well. It can also be quite brutal. It tackles issues of war, power and human nature with great insight and it is a painful reminder of the human penchant for violence, elitism, slavery and oppression. The world is fantastic, unfortunately the subject matter is too familiar. A great read with some good morals.

Stick with it, you forget the distraction as the plot picks up.
Jaynie It bothered me at first, but likely Todd's manner of speech would have bothered me as well. It is explained, but to say how would be a bit of a spoiler, so I won't. Once you see the explanation, you'll understand why this is important to the plot. (Not saying I ever "liked" it myself, but I did get used to it, and after it was explained, it was even less irritating!).
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