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Why is this a issue? It's a romance book they are all the same idea! I love you and you love me! I have read a thousand of them they all basically the same! Christian Coven is not Raythe Reign idea! She does manga's which most of us real readers don't read so give her percentage because that what she wants and get over it! Lynn Hagen made a mistake so what! I love her books and would really like them to continue!

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Mandy Because it is stealing!!! How would you feel if someone stole something you worked on and made money off it!!!
Kelly H. (Maybedog) This blog post from fellow M/M romance author Ethan Stone shows the plagiarized content from several chapters word for word. Lynn has allegedly admitted to the author she stole from that she stole but hasn't made any public announcements as of the day of the blog post. There were lots of other links on Google, but this one had the easiest way to see the plagiarism. I"m not sure why she didn't reword what she stole. I'm also wondering how many other books she allegedly wrote were also plagiarized. That could be why there's no public announcement--she might be afraid people will search her stories for more plagiarized content.
Asteropê Please read the evidence, it's way more than similar tropes and typical romance patterns of plot! Also, it's way more than using a few similar phrases in a sex scene. No shit, "I'm gonna cum," is used all kinds of sex scenes, but as I said, it's more than that. Way more. Your examples are not accurate or applicable to this situation. Also, Lynn Hagen ADMITTED TO PLAGIARIZING the work. She admitted it. She said she did it. She said it was wrong, but she had writer's block, etc. Not good enough excuse, IMO.
Tammy Hallock She wrote a couple sex scenes the same. Well here I am going to write a few sentences that are quoted in several books: "How are you doing?" "Please! Just put it in!" "Help me, please!" "Happy Birthday!" "I love you" "I gonna cum" "Move" And tons of others! If we start having to pay for all these. Guess what we wouldn't have lot of books. The is only so many different way to write a sex scene. You have already probably read a lot them that are wrote the same. Prep tab b and insert tab a! Again this has been wrote many times... We live in a typing world would you like to pay for all your words.
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