Irene asked:

Am I crazy for hoping Olivia was intimate with Lansdowne even if she ends up with Lyon?

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Irene This question will be moot in about a wk's time but....
As a follow up -
If Lyon has been traipsing around the world seeking evidence for or against the dad for the last 6(?) years and has been having sex with other women (for whatever reason-attraction or itch). I find the idea annoying that Olivia would be treated by the author as someone kept in a box on the shelf waiting for years until the hero achieved his goal while he was free to do what he wanted.
Does this mean that in the years that she has been with Lansdowne, she's been able to keep herself emotionally distant from him-despite accepting his proposal - and has continued to "save" herself for Lyon because of her love for him?
And if so, what about Lyon?
I know, I know, men in those days were not expected to be faithful and it's "different" for men (argh!) but we're talking about a man who left his family for the woman that he loved - to prove that he was worthy as well as possibly clear the father's name.
And yes, I know that women were expected to be chaste but she was a mature woman and not a virginal 18-22 year old and I know that they're expected to have a deep love for them before having sex (sigh!) I can't recall if whether or not her and Lyon might have had sex but I'm assuming so.
My point is - after this rant :) - that I hope they are on some sort of equal footing and not that he's got a get out of jail free card because they were not actually engaged and were apart for x amount of years.

Thanks for reading.
Lu Nope. He was so luckwarm it hurts. And also in that time period it would not make sense for her to have been intimate with him without loving him or even feeling attracted to him. Not mentioning the risk of a pregnancy. It’s a different era and I think we have to avoid looking at it with our modern lenses.
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Madhuri Hey Irene! I totally understand what you mean and I had hoped that Olivia would have been intimate with Lansdowne (reading the other answers I know this doesn't happen) but I also kinda like the idea that she wasn't. Maybe she's looking for something stable and safe and not that tumultuous passionate love she had for Lyon so I feel like she wouldn't be intimate with Lansdowne?? I am not sure. I am really expecting a lot now though there's only 6 days left and its killing me!
Kat at Book Thingo
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