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Taylor Card asked:

I totally would go for a Illium & Aodhan book!!!!!! Or a Raf & Elena book!? <3

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Kate Illium and Aodhan!!! They have to happen....it would be so tragic if they end up with other people.
mao shi i would probably die if it's an Illium and Aodhan book; I would die from so much feels and ovaries explosion. :)))
Eoinda I don't normally read M/M romance and I'm not one who always ships male friends in books, but seriously Illium and Aodhan are objectively meant to be!!! Especially in this book the sparks are insane. Please give me an Illium and Aodhan book! Please!!!
Zari Pierre After reading Archangel's Heart and the ones that came right before, it's like those two are becoming a stronger ship with each new book. They by far have better chemistry and a stronger connection compared to any other pair of people that came before them and they're not even mates or anything. With all the other pairings the romance started with how attractive they found each other, an admiration of the other's strength or something small that grew. And while those stories are all amazing and I love every single pairing in this series, it'll be so much more interesting to see a pairing that don't have to learn each other or find their connection because it's been there all along.
Nikki Noffsinger What makes you think Illy and Aodhan are meant to be? It would be interesting and I am not against a M/M dynamic but here lately there seems to be this trend where everyone suddenly thinks every pair of friends or beloved male heroes should be a pair.
Kelsea David I need Illium and Aodhan to be together. They just have to be!
Gab No to 1; ok to 2.
Katarzyna Frankowiak I like reading about E&R don't get me wrong but since we all know that they will have their hea I would see their relationship rather as a few chapters than another book. I&A on the other hand...I would love to see them TOGETHER. They both are very strong and emotional characters and through the series we can see glimpses of the sparkles between these two. I really really hope it's a prelude to mind blowing romance :)
Aarati Here I thought I was the only one rooting for Ilium and Aodhan. But I'm guessing that there's a good chance this is a Rafael and Elena book, considering the ending of Archangel's Enigma.
☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ I fear there's still too much homophobia for I&A, sadly. But it's settled, it's a R&E book :)
Sheera Illium and Aodhan sounds like it'd be VERY interesting!
Lala Now that the excerpt from the new book is out and its proven to be about bluebell and sparkle, I am sorry to say I'm not exactly happy. Yes, we've all noticed the signs but I still hoped that they end up with other people. Not every friendship has to become a romance. I'm disappointed. But the book is written, so...
Taleisin (Tales of a Bookwyrm) I love Illium and Aodhan! I want a book where they are in the spotlight. As friends off on a mission -- they used to be such troublemakers and it would be great to see that dynamic again with them as grown angels. I'm not opposed to a romance either. I just want more of these two!!
Beatrice Lapa Yes, I want to see this happen, too. But this probably is my favorite R&E novel in the series. Thing is, the beginning of this story made me itch for an Illium and Aodhan angle.
Busta the rafael/elena books are consistently the best books in the series, so I have no problems with what we are getting this november.
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