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Miss the point of Liddel's book? Many Christians became discouraged in China and in England during the war years. "Where's the grace in all this?" The greater grace motif diminished the Church's call "to work out their salvation with fear and trembling." Today's 'latte Christianity' of grace just just did not work then. Death and disease, discouragement everywhere. Others joy and hope in the midst of suffering.

Brenda Cregor The "grace" IS in the suffering, as it CAN draw us closer to God than a life of peace and leisure, if we call upon the powers of heaven to guide us.
"Thy will be done."
Easily spoken...less easily lived.
Yet, Eric Liddell was a man who exemplified putting this thought into action.
As I once heard, " God is less interested in our comfort than He is in our growth."
We are here to overcome the world.
This requires trials.
God's grace IS sufficient, no matter our level of suffering. However, to overcome our "latte" commitment and to be true disciples of Christ, we must call upon the Atonement of Christ when we are faced with life's many horrors. Otherwise, we are just trying to save ourselves, while proclaiming to have a Redeemer.
I believe the choice to lean on Christ during times of trouble, and to take on His yoke, is the bridge, the grace, between faith and works.
Bless Eric Liddel! I adore the man and his life of true and pure discipleship.
We will ALL be asked to pass through our Job and Abraham moments, as Eric Liddell was. Each of us will be asked to sacrifice something, or many things, that would limit our relationship with God and impede our spiritual progression, if we hold onto it/them, as more supreme or worthy of our mortal efforts and attentions.
Since we are to be joint-heirs with Christ, we must be willing to submit to all God asks and to "overcome the world" by submitting, even amidst our greatest suffering.
Eric Liddell said to a friend, when he was ill and near death, " I ought to have been able to cast it all on the Lord, and not to have broken down under it."
What he "broke down under" was human sensitivity and illness, which can cause weakness in so many areas of life for all human beings. God has mercy when we suffer under such "thorns of the flesh".
The day Eric died, it was reported that he spoke about a "complete surrender to God". This knowledge, and acceptance of, the need for complete surrender to God's will in this life was the necessary grace granted, despite Mr. Liddell's internment, despite separation from his family, despite the loss of nearly all of his earthly possessions, and despite the loss of his health.
"Latte" Christianity will never be sufficient to save, in the most glorious sense of this word, even with all the grace Christ has to offer, for "faith without works IS dead", now or then.

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