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this is not QUESTION i demand Kaden and Lia to be together they are perfect they balance each other out Rafe is just like really. Rafe is ideal thats who she wants to love not who should. Kaden keeps alive sustains her Rafe is just the shinny pretty boy prince so please let it be Kaden?

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Enqi Yes I thought I was the only one! {spoilers ahead} I've never stopped shipping Lia and Kaden since the first book and my heart was screaming so painfully when Pauline and Kaden were getting closer. I knew the moment Kaden helped Pauline give birth that their relationship was going to develop into something I dreaded and no matter how much I told myself that Kaden deserved to be happy since Lia and Rafe were already a pair, deep down I just wished everything could have been different between the two who shared such a special bond, and couldn't help wincing every time Pauline and Kaden had another interaction that brought them closer together, and the connection between them and the baby by the end was unbearable.
Abigail I COMPLETELY disagree. I cant stand Kaden. The reason being that just be cause he "loves" Lia he thinks that HES end game. If he loved her, he would want her to be happy, instead he saw her miserable for weeks, playing a game he knew he couldn't control, that he knew ultimately she was at harms way every time and he let her stay there because he was selfish.

I hate guys with that mentality and there's so many of them in the world.
Nandhini Srinivasan Pauline deserves Kaden and Kaden deserves Pauline. END OF CONVERSATION.
Tanisha Damn! Kaden and Lia were so meant to be... :'(
Foenix I thought I wouldn't be able to ship Pauline and Kaden but I actually ended up liking them together. They got a better and certain ending than Rafe and Lia.
Ashley LeRette I disagree 100%. Kaden forced Lia into a situation in which she was in danger. In books, I don't like seeing these people who make these mistakes "win" the love triangle. I equate it to real life with a rape victim. Even if the victim can bring themselves to forgive and even be friends with the attacker again, there will never be the same trust that may have been there before. Lia should be with Rafe, not because he is a "perfect" prince, but because he actually shows his love. He risks everything to save and protect her. Though he has made mistakes, those mistakes never harm her. I do like the idea of Pauline and Kaden together though.
Shadows n Secrecy I think both Kadan and Rafe have become better people through the course of the novel. I hated Kadan because I was convinced she was gonna drag her back to Venda, but then I saw the deep connection shared between him and Lia. I loved Rafe because I could see how much he loved her and the lengths he went to save her, but then the whole time in Marabella he was so. Damn. Abusive. Disregarding her word and using force to make decisions based on what he wanted for her. But then he let her go. And Kadan reflected on that decision. He had been wild with fear - afraid to let her go - but he did. Something I hadn't done, no matter how many times she'd asked me to free her as we crossed the Cam Lanteux. I love the way love turned them both into people who deserved the women who loved them back.
Lauren Beck I completely agree! Rafe was too controlling in the last book and I absolutely hated him!
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Angela Auten Definitely do not agree with this opinion. I agree with Abagail's comment. He and Pauline are an amazing couple.
Bookcrazy ~ So what? I'm still a rock star~ Yes!!! About to read it (I am one of those crazy people that gets the library to order books so I'm always behind) and I hate what people are saying (spoiler) about Lia and Rafe. Nooooooooo!
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