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Linzi Day asked:

So, seriously what is your best guess on the candy thief? .... I'm going with Feeney :)

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Kathrynrose Prior to this book, I thought it was McNabb. Now, I'm thinking it's the whole squad, maybe taking turns sleuthing out the hiding spot. I can imagine them making a contest of it, and playing dumb whenever the question arises.
engarde My money is on Roarke. Just a way to keep his fingers busy and dig at his wife. :)
Jane Abernethy I'm thinking Baxter.
Peggy Gross I think it's the whole squad too.
Susan C I've heard theories that its Eve herself, she is so preoccupied by whatever she is working on that she forgets that she actually ate the candy. But then I also like the theory presented here that its the whole squad. Remember its not always in the AutoChef, so there would be no record of it being 'served'. I don't think it can be Feeney, I think its been pretty well established he likes candied almonds and seems to have a ready supply.
Tara I think it's the whole squad. The candy thief is mentioned in the very first book. I think that Feeney started it, but now the whole squad takes turns somehow.
Michelle the entire squad. I don't think there is one candy thief if there was she would of nailed his ass by now. But seriously why doesn't she put a camera in her office? Nanny Cam, and if someone can get around that I'd say it'd have to be on the compu-nerds.
Betty Brewer I think it is the whole squad too.
Julie Brinson I think it's Baxter also. His answers to Eve were automatic, no thinking on his part. He knew how to operate her autochef too easily.
Becky Burciaga I'm going with Baxter
Dianne Fagan I'm not sure yet but after Baxter's answers I'm thinking it's him or he knows who it is.
Patricia Swenson I've always felt that Roarke was in it somehow...
Amber Mira ??? I think that would be a funny twist but truth be told I have no clue who the candy thief is but I doubt they will live a long happy life when Eve finds out who it is .. ;) LOL
Hockey Mama I'm thinking the whole squad, and possibly Roarke put them up to it it. It would be funny if it was Whitney. Maybe he's part of it too. But I can't see it being one person.
Liraz Peabody. The squad knows and so does Roarke.
Alasandra Alawine Roarke, since they replace it with Smoothies and energy bars.
Trista Eckland hmmm what if it's Whitney??? Or better yet Tibble... haha... yeah I'm kind of like I have no idea but I want to know so bad...
Ashley I kinda like how Eve thought it was Baxter - there may be something there. He was a bit to slick with his answers... Or maybe it's Jenkins... Reineke...

No. My final answer - Carmichaek. Gotta be.
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