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I should probally not read this. As already know about self-serving bias and our many many heuristic biases! ?!?!?!?!? Mmmmmmmm

Catwalker I haven't read this book yet, either, although it is likely that I will. Going by the title, it is likely that David McRaney will be tackling the problem of heuristics, along with things like your brain as a virtual reality machine, confirmation bias, confabulation, how cognitive dissonance affects our thinking and conclusions, etc. Going by the write-up, however: "like a psychology course with the boring parts removed,' keep in mind that the boring parts of any course are usually the bits you need to know to thoroughly understand the interesting parts. If you want to dig further into how people think, you can try Daniel Kahneman's book 'Thinking Fast and Slow' and/or Daniel Levitin's book 'The Organized Mind.' They cover the boring bits in a not-so-boring way.
By the way, nothing wrong with heuristics in the right place. Without them, we likely wouldn't be here. But psychology books should be talking about heuristic biases and thinking errors, not exemplifying them!
Francis Give it a go. I just read it and I felt that there are so many biases that we are committing on a daily basis - without realizing them. It can be a book that's good for personal improvement as it can be for people looking to becoming a stronger business leader. I definitely don't think it's waste of my time and I'd highly recommend (4 star) this book. Borrow it from the library if you don't feel like keeping it for long. Happy reading!
Professor Bones Well, it is still an interesting read. (so far)
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