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Is the protagonist a bad guy? I've heard tell of him not being so humane and I wonder if while reading it you see it that way or not. Do you like/root for him in all of his evil? Or are you repulsed by the wickedness of his mind? I've not read it but my friend loves it and heartily recommends it. I'm here looking for third party opinions.

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KT The protagonist does things that are absolutely cringe-worthy. I can't really say what he does that is so horrendous without giving away spoilers (unless you really want to know) but let's just say you do NOT want to meet him in a dark alley or be alone in a car with him. Really.
However, in the middle and latter parts of the book, there are things done to him by society in the name of "good" that are highly questionable, and as much as I hated him I found myself asking "Was that really justifiable?" And there isn't really a clear answer to that question, which is what makes the book so interesting. I love the head scratcher books where there is a very very very gray area. This book really makes you think. So in you may find yourself rooting for the main character, not because he is a great guy (he's not), but because you may not agree with what he is put through.
So that's my opinion. I really liked this book, and thought it was one of the best written books I have ever read. Yes it was sickening, but I tend to favor books that get that kind of reaction from me IF there is some kind of point being made, as opposed to just for shock value. So if you are not easily queasy and like books that make you think or are challenging, I do recommend this book.
Hope this helps!
Kathan Prajapati The protagonist is a bad guy. He is a criminal, yes, but that does not mean that he does not deserve a chance to reform for good. And by reforming I don't mean by force. I mean he must have a change of heart. I don't like him for his evil; I like him because he is capable of making his own decision. It is his choice, however horrendous it might be. But like always, the answers to some questions depend on the reader's perspective. Feel free to read the novel if you like a challenge. And you are free to judge Alex as you wish.
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