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Is it anything like the Inheritance series? Don't want to buy in case it is as disappointing as The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was. I don't know which book was written first, the plot does sound promising and I genuinely went into it thinking I was going to love it and then really just didn't. Positive and negative comments on it are welcome, I just want to get more of a feel for it before I spend money on it.

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Annie Not to be mean, but not wanting to buy books in case they are "disappointing" is exactly what libraries are for. A lot of public libraries also listen when patrons are interested in a book they currently do not have, and budget permitting, can acquire it for you/their collection. Goodreads even has a little "library" button under the details of this book, which takes you to WorldCat, where you can type in your zipcode to see if there's a library near you with this book. I'll even post the link here: http://www.worldcat.org/title/killing...

Also, the Dreamblood duology was written after the Inheritance series. I personally feel this series is stronger, in terms of writing and world building, but I don't know how to answer your question as you left out what it was about The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms that you didn't like.

Editing to add: Orbit (the publisher) has a sample chapter of this book which is available here: http://www.orbitbooks.net/excerpt/the...

Hope that helps.
k-bookee I could be wrong but... Why would you still read a book from an author you already gave a bad review? If you didn't like her writing style then I don't think there's a reason for you to be looking forward to her other books. The premise maybe different but her books are basically the same in their own way as it came from one person, one source of imagination. It's like eggs, you can cook it differently but in the end it's still egg.

I haven't read her books either so I really have no say whether this is good enough for you to buy or not. But basing on your elaborate review I'd say you'll probably get disappointed again.
Gina I loved both but then again I think Jemisin is one of the greatest writers alive today.
Dev Null If you're interested to know what people thought about this book, it might be worth checking out the extensive review section...
George Haven't read either series, but I can nevertheless see why no one else has answered: You haven't said here what was disappointing for you about The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms! And given its overwhelmingly positive reception, no one is likely to guess.

I'm therefore linking your review, https://www.goodreads.com/review/show... , which clearly states your problems with the book, in the hope that you'll get an actual answer.
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